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Bottle-Free water point-of-use (POU) water systems are an economical alternative to bottle water dispensers. They eliminate inconsistent monthly water bills, water bottle storage problems, sore backs, spilled water from lifting and dumping, leaks from broken damaged bottles and running out of water just when you need it.

A Point of Use (POU) water dispenser can be connected to a water purification system (which will give you bottle water quality water), or a filtered water system for a cold steady supply.

These water systems come in many different configurations.

All of the Thermo Concepts brand of water dispensers can be fitted with a proprietary POU assembly. There are two levels of water filtration/purification; the “Micro” and “Macro” filtration systems. (To see which system is right for you see our Water Filtration/Purification Chart.)

Micro Filtration Systems Include:

  • Vectapure 360 “Dual Stage” Filtration system
  • Annual filter service
  • Semi-annual inspection /cleaning
  • Service calls

Macro Filtration Systems Include:

  • Sol’Eau dispenser
  • Vectapure 360 Ultrafiltration
  • Annual filter service
  • Semi-annual inspection/ cleaning
  • Service calls

At Aqua Blue, it is our goal to offer our customers the best value for quality products and services. Our filtration units connect easily to your existing water system, there are no bottles to handle or return and you can enjoy an unlimited amount of fresh tasting purified water at a fixed cost.

To ensure our filtration customers get premium quality drinking water, we use only the best filters available in the market today.

Your unit will be fully installed by our qualified technician. Filter changes and servicing will be performed by our technician every 6 months. Cost of filters and any maintenance costs are included in the rental contract.