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old-English-town-crierHere ye! Here ye! Hear all about it!!  Earn yourself 5 Free Delivered Bottles of Purified Water!  Learn all about it!!

A long standing practice at Aqua Blue Water has been the referral program.  This program entails crediting 5 (five) free bottles of purified water to be given out to a current customer who refers a new customer to our delivery service.  This new customer can be a neighbor, brother or sister, or friend or even a foe (we’re not too particular).

In order to receive your credit, you must ensure that the newly referred customer knows who is referring them so they can inform our store staff of the referring party.  Once the referring party has been acknowledged, he/she will receive 5 free bottles of delivered purified water. It’s that easy!

This is an unlimited offer, so the more customers you refer, the more bottles of water you drink for free.