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Our guaranteed service and quality is our bond!!!

Generally, set up of our bottled water delivery service and/or installation of a filtration system can be done within one or two business days. Aqua Blue has varying types of packages for your consideration. You may wish to purchase or rent a water dispenser. If you consume more than 10 bottles a month, your water dispenser rental fee is waived. You may wish for a set package of the number of bottles to be delivered to your delivery location for consistent monthly billing. (see appropriate section)

With delivery dates every two weeks, Aqua Blue will meet all your bottled water requirements. At Aqua Blue, our customer service representative will call you one day prior to your scheduled delivery day to enquire how many bottles you wish to have delivered (minimum of 3) to your home or office. You may even opt for our automatic delivery service, where we will replace all your empties on scheduled delivery day.

Aqua Blue’s guarantee is “If you’re not happy with our product or service, you don’t pay for it”.

For more information, call us at: 604-597-2074