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Aqua Blue Water & Filtration is very concerned about its water product and water quality.  To verify water purity, an outside agency, certified by the Provincial Government, performs monthly Bacterial test for Total Coliforms, Fecal Coliforms, and Heterotrophic Plate Count. Aqua Blue Water proudly displays their latest results on their website (See Bacterial Water Test).

As part of our continual water quality analysis, Aqua Blue Water has a Water Chemistry test done once a year.  This analysis ensures that some 50 parameters (such as arsenic, lead, chromium, zinc, etc) meet the standards set forth in the “Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality” (See Water Chemistry Test).

On behalf of the public, we take these responsibilities seriously to ensure that the procedures and processes are correctly being followed.  These steps also confirm that we are producing safe drinking water for our customers; Aqua Blue Water stands behind the safety and quality of its product.